Welcome to Upstart

Upstart Business Consulting Group helps you realize your personal and financial goals. We provide comprehensive business plans that help individuals start a profitable company with a capital requirement of $10,000 or less. Each business plan is researched and written by successful entrepreneurs for products and services across a broad range of industries. We also provide services and resources crucial to the success of any small business.

Whether you are in school, a graduate, retired, or currently working, our business plan kits and professional services provide the tools and information you need for starting your own business.

Upstart BusinessP Plans

Our business plans are for those individuals who:

  • Are passionate about owning their own business
  • Want a better work/life balance
  • Want the flexibility of running their own business
  • Want the pride and fulfillment that comes with owning their own business and being an entrepreneur
  • Want to earn extra income
  • Want to be their own boss
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