About Us

Background of the Founders

Upstart Business Consulting Group ("UBCG") was founded by graduates from one of the top ranked business schools for entrepreneurship in the United States, Chapman University. Upstart Business Consulting Group was founded with one goal in mind; bring entrepreneurship to everyone. The founders have over a decade of combined experience with two of the largest consulting firms in the world. The founders have various consulting experience including mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis, business process improvement, and information technology. Additionally, one founder is an award winning business plan writer and successful entrepreneur.

Why Upstart Business Consulting Group was Founded

Entrepreneurship is the true passion of the founders. There are numerous business plan templates and business plan writing companies in the marketplace. After reviewing many of these plans, the founders realized they were not only lacking critical information, but they were not tailored to a specific business as they had been advertised. When one founder said, "There has to be a better way", Upstart Business Consulting Group was born. The idea was simple; provide detailed, informative, and targeted business plan kits to upstart entrepreneurs so they can open their business faster and with less upfront capital. Upstart Business Consulting Group creates business plan kits for the entrepreneur who has $10,000 or less of available startup capital.

There is no Better Time than Now

It does not matter if you are a recent college graduate, a worker trying to make ends meet and save for retirement, a burned out mid-level manager trying to climb the corporate ladder, or a retiring baby boomer, there is no better time than now to become an entrepreneur. The founders of Upstart Business Consulting Group have realized this, and now it is your turn to follow your passion and take your future into your own hands. Start your business NOW!