The UBCG Advantage

The Ultimate Consulting Resource

Perhaps the greatest resource this business plan kit provides is the ability for you to e-mail your questions to professional business consultants and entrepreneurs from Upstart Business Consulting Group. Whatever your question may be, you will find a competent resource available to help you. Upstart Business Consulting Group is committed to your success, because when you succeed, we succeed.

More than a Business Plan

Upstart Business Consulting Group provides much more than just a generic business plan, we provide detailed business plan kits with helpful information from initial start-up to daily operations. The business plan kit includes the business plan overview that is targeted for your specific type of business. Each business plan kit includes free access to the following business templates:

  • a cash flow statement, a balance sheet statement, and an income statement (which are in a format that allows you to easily customize them for your business)
  • a sample partnership agreement
  • sample articles of incorporation
  • sample articles of organization
  • sample corporate by laws
  • a sample personal financial statement

Why Buy a Business Plan Kit

Instead of spending hundreds of hours developing and researching your business idea, purchase our business plan kit and only spend a few hours customizing the business plan that you purchased from Upstart Business Consulting Group. Spend the hours you save by making money and not writing your plan. We know that you will find our business plan kits useful in achieving your goal of personal and financial freedom while building a business you love. There is no better time than now to pursue your dreams!