Upstart Business Consulting Group can assist you with the services listed below. These services are not included with the purchase of a business plan kit and are available for individual sale. Please send a detailed e-mail to for a free quote or any other questions.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Our experts will record, maintain, and create reports for your day-to-day operations
  • Get advice for ways to account for transactions based on your industry from UBCG consultants
  • Accounting software consultation

Business Plan Review

  • Thorough review of the business plan you create for your company which you will use to obtain financing and present to future investors as needed. We will provide insightful comments based on our many years in the entrepreneurial world

Corporation & LLC Filings

  • Our legal resources will assist you in filing the appropriate legal status of your business quickly and efficiently

Employee Identification Number (EIN) Registration

  • We will create your Employer Identification Number for you so you can avoid the time and hassle


  • Our legal experts will personally consult with you regarding legal matters, questions, and issues relating to your business

Market Research

  • We will provide the latest market research for your industry from the most reputable sources. Our experts continuously search for the most current and applicable market data for the business plans we develop

Marketing & Advertising

  • Our experts will provide marketing and advertising consulting services to enable you to maximize your selling potential in your desired market. Our marketing and advertising specialists have years of experience using web-based and traditional marketing mediums

Search Engine Optimization

  • We will ensure that your website gets the most hits possible through our specialized search engine optimization specialists. The more hits you receive from people searching online for your particular product the money you will make


  • Consult with our tax specialists on questions or issues you may encounter during your start-up and day-to-day operations. These services may include the appropriate tax form to file, correct and incorrect deductions, and many more services Website Design

Website Design

  • We will help you build an operating website in a very short period of time. We specialize in small businesses so we will only provide the necessary services required for your business to begin operations for a low cost

Website Hosting

  • Our web hosting services provide you with the ability to host your website with a quality hosting company for a low price. Since we specialize in small businesses we will not sell services that we know you do not need